2023 Trends in Children’s Digital Business, Returning Television and Other Prominent Children’s Content Trends

Children and teenagers are now living in a world that once appeared to be a fashionable futuristic TV series. Friendships, even sports competitions, are moving to the digital space and hashtag#TikTok and hashtag#YouTube Shorts will likely defeat hashtag#Google search among children this year. These are my few insights from a recent global report on the future of children, teenagers, parents, and family markets for 2023 presented by The Insights Family, which surveyed 700,000 people with families in 22 countries.

Computer Games: A Opportunity, Not a Threat

According to The Insights Family researchers, computer games remain the most popular hobby among children, teenagers, and young adults (up to 30 years old) – 78.2% of the children asked said they play computer games. This trend is particularly strong in the US – 33% of all respondents play there, and children spend an average of 95 dollars per month on games. Over the two quarantine years, the amount of time spent playing computer games by 3-18-year-old children has increased by 12%.

As the authors of the study noted, there are more and more communities that are forming and growing in their chosen game environment. This trend emerged during the pandemic and continues to this day. Gradually, time spent together with friends and socializing with peers has become just as important a reason to play computer games as the game itself. The opportunity to create memories with friends in virtual space has led to a boom in games with characters that can be controlled by different players.

These radical changes inevitably affect the learning process of children

It is noted that platforms that allow for the upload of small-format videos are already becoming not only entertainment but also hashtag#educational hashtag#content sources. So this year, children are more likely to look for educational content on TikTok and YouTube Shorts than on Google. As emphasized in The Insights Family research, the educational systems around the world must not fall behind and encourage children’s digital skills and know-how to serve both learning and working. Parents and teachers are no longer intermediaries between children and technology; on the contrary, digital skills that children have acquired during the pandemic are often the key to their success in the future job market.

Digital opportunities free up children’s creativity and hashtag#entrepreneurship

Children are becoming young entrepreneurs by monetizing their free time through virtual gaming, NFTs, and other digital means. NFT industry is expected to grow and offer new opportunities for young creators and established brands. Children are also becoming digital stars and the next generation of opinion leaders. Brands are advised to pay attention to young digital stars and collaborate with them.
Experience in digital technologies and creativity to contribute to the growth of the digital industry and help establish young talents Skills:

  1. Understanding of digital opportunities and their impact on creativity and entrepreneurship.
  2. Knowledge of NFT industry and its potential for growth.
  3. Ability to identify young digital stars and work with them.
  4. Strong sense of creativity and passion for technology.

Digital opportunities free up children’s creativity and entrepreneurship

The world is becoming more “Kid-first,” meaning that more brands will make radical changes in their service and product offerings and design to better meet the needs of children and parents. This shift is especially noticeable in industries that are not traditionally child-focused, such as household goods, etc.

This change is happening as more parents are influenced by Alpha and younger generations, who decide what to buy and what not to. Progressive worldviews, behavior, and values are factors that children inevitably pass on to their families. One study author even noted that children are increasingly becoming household CEOs, dictating the direction and values of the entire household. Therefore, as the study highlights, sustainability, ethics, and values will be increasingly important for all brands, and non-compliance with high standards in the eyes of the younger generation may have a very negative impact on a brand’s reputation.

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