UAB NJ WORLD is an ambitious NELLY JELLY startup aiming to enchant the hearts of European children and their parents from Lithuania. In 2022-2023, we are planning on expanding to the German, French, British and Spanish markets; our team will have its animated series take initial steps on YouTube or other platforms. 

We will conquer international sales channels, represent the trademark at world fairs and events of other format and continue developing the trademark along with the products under this trademark in Lithuania.

In Lithuania, the authentic character of Nelly Jelly has enjoyed success for 11 years – the character and the trademark are much loved by families raising children aged 0 to 9 years; its content (books, toys, theatre production, musical, games, etc.) is quite prized and leads children from Lithuania and other countries to journeys of discovering the world and oneself.

We believe that Europe will also come to love Nelly Jelly and that over the next two years we will create a Nelly Jelly success story. 

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